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  1. Happy Birthday >WES

  2. As the title says: >WES< wants to wish a Happy Easter to the F|A family and its community. We also want to thank you all for the last 3 years of fun on your servers. Hold on your good work. In the name of >WES<: >WES< P!NNAN
  3. Both is fine for me. Coffee in the morning and tea in the evening.
  4. Using a Logitech MX 1000 Laser and no lags at all.
  5. Sad to hear you're leaving mate. Take care :-)
  6. i loved the vids in the folder "config" of aimingbyraz.zip. i still have this zip file, if someone is interested in pm me. seta sensitivity "0.6" seta m_yaw "0.022" seta m_pitch "0.022" seta m_side "0.25" seta m_forward "0.25"
  7. Yes, i know the history of my country and i am not proud of it, but what about you, do you know the history of your country? How many men died by a gun or firearms since USA does exist? Each year in the U.S. more than 30 000 people are killed by firearms. Going deeper into your history... what about the indian nations, how many of them got murdered by the americans? I only will say: Let the past behind us. Going for the future and let us try to do some things better. So dont get this wrong. I wont harm you in any way, but every nation does have a dark side.
  8. To be honest: Do you ever read such things happen in germany that often as it happens in USA? No! Why not? Because its not allowed to have a gun nor firearms without special permission in germany! Would such a law prevent the USA not to have such horrible things happens? Maybe, maybe not, but it would save a lot of mens life..... My 2 Cents of it.
  9. Ha ha, its all about statistics of our life: 25% of our user likes hot chocolate, etc. the next step maybe is to send those people advertising of hot chocolate. most of the people are dumb enough to answer this questiones honestly. :-P
  10. In fact rating destroyed the teamplay in the past and it still does. I am still waiting for the "only-teamplayer-gets-rated-which-reached-the-target-of-their-class" rating. Medics which dont revive nor heal teammates, wont get any rating, fieldops which dont handing out ammo neither. Kills should not count at all. Would be funny to see what our medics will do then which never played other classes in their live. Well, i was joking above. Never saw before that rating has anything to do with a mod like NQ or Jaymod. I am curiuos what it could be now?
  11. Dont get me wrong, its not about killing the enemy. If it was for killing only i could play Purefrag over and over wich i dont do cause i am an objective whore. Its just for fun when flying over the map as baserace its a funmap for me. I like to finish the map, not to be highest fragger. I see you wont change anything so let it as it is right now :-)
  12. I know it is possible via a mapscript in the mapscript folder on the server or even by a admin command, when someone add this to the shrubbot. You can change all settings you want in this mapscript and it works for this map only. However, it was a suggestion only :-)
  13. You're right Pyrka, Mr. Bean is one of the best.
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