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Weekend at the beach in Oregon...

Ol Smoke

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This is a 2 Million dollar house at Neskowin we stayed at this weekend.  It sits on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

We are looking at buying into this house as a fraction purchase.  There are 4 other owners so we would own the final

fifth.  We get 10 weeks a year to live here.  Fully furnished and has a full service staff that can be accessed if needed.

There are 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms.  A full theater and a game room.  Whats really cool is when you decide to use

it, you call a week ahead and they bring in the food, drinks, and other things that you make a list of, and they set up the

house for your stay.  There are five different color combinations you can choose for the bedroom furnishings and the

living area.  The colors you see here are called sunset.  It has 4G and wifi, Directv (All channels) and you can purchase

any movie off of Directv at any time.  It only costs $2,243 a month for everything, including a car and a golf package.

There is a place on top of the hill above the house for the helicopter to drop you off, if you come by plane from your home.

Is this living or what?  I always wondered how the super rich live.
















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Oh I forgot one thing:


It costs $400,000 for a fifth of the house.  Then you pay the $2243 after that.  Thats about $27,000 a year for

10 weeks of living time.  Now multiply that by 5= $134,500 that the five of us would pay each year just to live

there a few weeks a year.


One of the buyers actually lives in Colorado and would only use the house for one to two weeks a year.  He divides

his time between 8 different houses all over the world.  Now thats serious moolah!

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I think you should get it and a bunch of us come and chill with ya there! :D



This. FA party on Smoke's tab.

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