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  1. I need your help :'(

    I know it will sounds odd, but COD is very old. Try plugging in a 3.5mm audio jack into you headphone jack of the computer.
  2. COD4 remastered

    Yeah, no. I have no desire to pay these thieves anymore. Ironic that when COD4 was at it's height of popularity, they release a major DLC. How much was that DLC you may ask, free. Now they are "remastering" it, and oh by the way, you can only get it by buy a shit game that is already a failure. It will more than likely not work correctly on launch, just like every other major release lately. They will patch it, but you paid 80 for a game that doesn't work at launch. Than they already have DLC's planed, and maybe even developed, so they are selling you an incomplete game. Just to gouge you for more money to complete it. If Remasters gets released around the 20 dollar price point, without the other game, I would consider it. Side note: I am not against paying for development. I get that, that is the business my career resides. But their model is old and I am tired of it. I hope this bombs, hard. Maybe that will get through to these types of shops. I have been playing the crap out of 2 $20 games lately, with either free or very cheap (less than $5, most 2), DLC's that add minor content and are not mandatory (not finishing a game by DLC). So it can be done. But they take more time. But with this model of kicking out shit games every year to nickle and dime 12 year olds parents. I am done with that. I would strongly encourage everybody to do the same. I know others have their own opinions, and feel their is still value in activision. But not for me anymore. /rant
  3. Does Ol' Smoke text too much??

    Honestly, only since you asked, yes it does. But, it doesn't bother me enough to say anything, and you are playing the game. That is why I enjoy TS so much, but nobody has been on lately while I am playing COD4, and even than I haven't been playing that much. What really bothers me, is when people are in spec just typing away a full conversation, or are in game but not moving or playing, just typing away. When that happens, I will kindly ask to move the convo to steam or evolve. While the game does have a chat function, it is very distracting to those trying to admin and play, at least for myself. Because we have to keep an eye on the chat for general well being of the server and when asked to spectate someone. Not saying you cause this, at all, but this can also explain why some admins will miss request to spectate somebody or requests for other admin functions. They have become numb to the chat, ignoring it, because if they did try to read everything that comes through it (at times), they wouldn't be able to play at all. I would prefer chat be only for gg, saying hi, and trying to contact admins. Just my 2 cents though.
  4. 2015, man what a funky year..

    glad your back
  5. List of FA User Youtube Channels

    Can we get a general description of the channels, what type of content, what games you are currently playing etc added. I'm always looking for something new to watch. Just a thought.
  6. COC How to Join =F|A= CoC Clan

    Just post when you want to apply, one of the co leaders in the game can take care of it. Or if you get 1200, just include your forum name in the request and we will let you in.
  7. Rocket league

    Deal posted to slickdeals today, 15 bucks. http://slickdeals.net/f/8133626-rocket-league-23-off-15-40-on-steam-via-greenmangaming-lowest-ever
  8. COC How to Join =F|A= CoC Clan

    Feel free to look us up. Put your forum name in the request and and somebody should accept you.
  9. This was a bump to a topic already created and pinned, I am restating what has already been stated.
  10. Bump! Pay attention to requested troop, don't donate for the sake of donating. Especially when people are requesting for war attacks. Don't request max or just below max troop for troop you either don't have, or just starting with. Chances are, a mid tear troop will do just fine for your attack. This is especially true for raiding, don't request max expensive stuff when you are just raiding. If it is for war, I understand, but there must be an expectation that it will take time. There are only a few people with lvl4+ dragz, or max witches and hogs. I'm not sitting around cooking dragons all day on war days, those take a lot of time I got my own troops to do for my attacks. I know the others with high lvl troops feel the same. Be considerate of both those requesting and those donating, we will all get a long.
  11. COC How to Join =F|A= CoC Clan

    wow, ease up a little.
  12. COC How to Join =F|A= CoC Clan

    No big deal, ask again or somebody can invite
  13. StarBlazer is Here

    Welcome, glad you can stop by.
  14. COC How to Join =F|A= CoC Clan

    where did you go?