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I have 8 year experience in origami. I'm really patient person so I love it :)

Here is my gallery(almost everything in english): http://www.flickr.com/photos/55759463@N07/

Every model was folded by me.(on flickr I have one or two pictures of not mine models)

I hope you'll like it :)

I'll post here some more important images:



I'll upload more If I menage to fold some more models :P

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Yeah, It takes lots of time. For example this "pyramid" took me 2 days to fold.

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Beautiful.  I used to do this when I was in elementary school and write the answers to tests within them.  I passed every test. :P  But you have to have patience and delicate touch to really work them. I especially like the flower that is smaller then the 1groszy?  and the collages.  I can see a signature already. :)  Thank you for sharing!

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Thanks you guys
Tarantello great for you :)

Midnight check my gallery(link in first post) and you could see some comments under pictures. There are more of those :P
I really like folding miniatures(the smallest one will be folded soon) :)

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2 New models:


And there won't be any pictures for some time because I'm folding this:

Ryu Jin 3.5 Inventor:Satoshi Kamiya

Almost every origamist folds this dragon from 2m x 2m sheet, I'm going to fold it from 70cm x 70cm :P (yes I'm crazy)


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Nice. Is there any basic rule like no scissors or glue or how does it work? Is that more complicated stuff like the dragon made from 1 sheet only or many smaller sheets and then plugged together?

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I fold the Traditional Origami -> No glue,scissors used.(tearing the paper isn't allowed too)

By 8-9 years experience I found out that almost every model is a "piece of cake", but you need to know the way how to fold it and this way is called

-"Diagrams"(some pictures show you how to fold the model)


-And harder way Crease Pattern(everything you have are lines)


That dragon Ryu Zin/Jin is folded from one square sheet of paper.

Link to full Crease Pattern of that dragon: http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3001/2592994542_5bae1de1dc_b.jpg

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Everything I can do with it:

1. Picture it in head

2. Fold some parts like legs,head tail(every part with diffrent paper)

3. Take huge square sheet and start foding the right model :)

It just seems to be hard :P

The hardest thing is that your time is burned by this model :]

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Wow T that stuff is amazing man, patience of a saint required and you are a crazy guy and the dragon is stunning


Keep on folding... :app:





ps thx for all your help the other day

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