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go green

sankar tiger

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most of us know about global warming


it is estimated that the avg temp of earth rises 1 c every 50 yrs :cry


it may look small but small drops make ocean;


only way for stop global warming is to start afforestation and stop deforestation


each grown tree give oxygen for 400 people,but today tons of trees are laid down every day for papers and construction purposes,


but what we can do;


1.avoid using plastic bags


2.go by walk or cycling for small distances


3.plant trees


4.switch to eco friendly products


together lets make our earth green again :yahoo  



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Walking is boring when u have to walk all alone LOL


Speak for yourself :P It's blissful alone time for me. Just stick my earphones in and away I go ^_^

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i have my litle farm with Sprouts carots courgetes and tomatos.

and the most important i dont eat meat for a couple a months.

Go green ;)

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1. Is global warming real or just Earth's cycle.

2. If it is real, then is it because of us or not? Can we really make a difference?


Not saying that we shouldn't do the things mentioned above, just saying that I don't think Global warming is something that we can reverse by changing what we are doing. I think it is a just the cycle of Earth heating/cooling, along with the Sun's cycle of heating/cooling.

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Global warming is real, and is because of us. From what I can remember of school; anything we do will 50 years to make any real difference. Also there isn't any way to reverse what has happened so far but we can stop, or was it slow down, the process.

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"Global warming is defined as the hypothesis that the Earth is warming due to the accumulation of greenhouse gases. Theories and some evidence point toward these gases being produced by the burning of gas, oil, coal and wood." link.


I do not think that there is enough evidence to say that global warming (as defined above) is because of what we are doing or is not because of us. You can not say for certain either way, until more time has passed so that more research can be done over a longer period of time.


I am not against doing better things for environment, I am against saying something is fact when there has not been enough research to be able to say that it is fact. link.


If anyone is interested, global warming/cooling and climate change were discussed before on the FA forums


The planet is only BEGINNING to warm!


Who believes in man made global warming?


Some images then and now

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The data which supports/disagress with global warming is misleading to say the least - There is simply not enough of it timescale wise.


Simply put, it's like taking a tangent of a curve. It localy approximates the curve well (i.e. global warming in the last century or two), however, due to the vast time scale of earth's life the data we have could be completely incorrect (i.e. actual mean temperature changes in the past 1 million years). 


Even then there are many factors of much larger scale than pollution alone which impact global warming.


A counter argument is that increase in CO emission actually shields the sun rays which would mean that earth should become cooler - not hotter.


I'm not saying global warming doesn't exists, however the reasons behind it are not understood well and many people manifest this idea and blame it solenly on the human race.



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Well, our planet earth can heal itself when damaged, so when we realy f*** things up, we just get wiped out/exterminated, and shit all starts all over again :D

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