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  1. Need your help w/ finding sunglasses :P

    http://www.blueprinteyewear.com/nl/shop/sunglasses/clifton/ has pretty similar models it's a netherlands based company, not sure if they ship to yours. You can create your own too and its cheaper, and i heard quality is good
  2. Game of Thrones

    Spoilers on the internet? How? Impossible!!
  3. Splatterladder 22nd march 2009

    I have a pic from around the same time, made at 1 march 2009: Good old times xD i think i have even some pics before that time, but i think they are on my old PC...
  4. COC How to Join =F|A= CoC Clan

    invitation is hard since you cant search by name, unless someone has you as a friend (and you connected clash of clans with it) on facebook, gamecenter or gmail i believe. I lowered the required trophies to 200 which should be enough i believe. So you can try again and one of us will accept you.
  5. Hey Speedy?

    LOL... until i'm done with writing this shit crap paper for school, i'll ask my little brother to have revenge on you! he giggles every time he kills you with his panza PS i agree with scream and DJ... you are indeed a nub
  6. Headshots vs Bodyshots

    The headshot "ding-ding-ding" sounds so satisfying, i always go for headshots. Even more satisfying is getting heashots from snipers far far away in large maps (like MLB daybreak).. but because of the large distance headshot damage is reduced i believe
  7. just wanted to share it with you guys if you haven't seen it already https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQbcnIqjdOQ
  8. Game of Thrones

    damn, i had a mini heart attack when i read 04-12-15 in the trailer... but then i remembered the show is made in USA xD
  9. Hubsan is here!

    good to see you here on the forums hubsan welcome!
  10. Over powered knifes

    /callvote put molotov back on let's see how much people come to forums then.
  11. !howfair

    !howfair is calculated by the K/D's (Kills per deaths, in silentmod stated as KR) the different teams have. in Silentmod you can tap the "TAB" button twice to toggle between 3 different player stats when holding TAB. so for example: you double press TAB quickly, you can see the PR (playerrating, something about the map victories-losses of players). if you double press TAB again you can see the KR rating of the players, which !howfair uses to check if the teams are fair. The best an admin can do is not only check !howfair, but also do /scores in the console, to see if the kills and deaths of both axis and allies are in balance. (note that they don't have to be in balance, since maps have an impact too. also note that big difference in these stats on servers where 50 players are online, might not be a big difference at all). Edited: Link removed
  12. Happy Birthday =F|A=Exact!

    Happy Birthday!!
  13. RIP RaY; ingame Explo!d

    I can't believe this... he was always such a cool guy... played a lot with him echt verschrikkelijk nieuws... ik wens jou en de familie allemaal heel veel sterkte bij dit verlies. Hij was echt een toffe gast en we zullen hem allemaal enorm missen...