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  1. I'll just say one thing - GOOD LUCK!
  2. Sorry but I disagree, especially since this was a prooven and functioning method in my (and many other players) experience. There is no point in holding onto a weapon if its not functioning the way it is supposed to, and even then admins can "force" the player to give it up either way. I would sggest to give this a go if it can be implemented into Jaymod - it was added to ETPub in my case.
  3. This is what I drive , a Golf R MkVI (5 Door) and thinking of upgrading to MkVII in two years time.
  4. Yes, my bad. I just went with the flow of the topic. I haven't been very active on the forums/ET lately so thats my excuse . Any chance we could enforce the 'medpack out of the panzer if too many self vapourisations and team damage' into Jay1? This would greatly discourage noobs from self killing to get one kills around the corner - for example - and thus allow others to use the panzer. This really was a solution and not just in our server. D_R
  5. More bandwidth means more commercials. The you-tube I know is long gone.
  6. @Reality, yes it was lolsome when trying to figure out "Why the F**k am I shooting medpacks", asking it on the main and getting the following responses: lol, noob panzer, etc etc etc. What I forgot to mention was with this implementation we also included self-vapourisations. If we did implement this into Jay1 then it would stop majority of the noobs shooting around the corner and vaopurising themself for that one kill. Anyways it looks like this rule is not enforeced anymore because I've seen one guy use the panzer 4 maps in a row. D_R
  7. Glad we could help out. Alll of the resposnes were well put - in particualr 'a dog's' which was well formated. Just so you know, if you are going to get a pre-build PC from a retail store you will overpay and usually by quite a lot. It is (generally) better to get the parts from a specialy computer store and even then pay them $50-100 extra to build it for you. Let us know when you see something so we could perhaps let you know whether its worth it or not. Good Luck D_R
  8. Hi Jake, Firstly it would be good to know how much you are willing to spend on your new PC (a.k.a. 'rig' or tower). Next, here is a good website to have a look at for PC components and rating - http://pcpartpicker.com/. Generally you can get a decent rig for $700-1000 which will run all modern games, albeit, not at extreme settings. Regards, D_R
  9. I understand that, but, just like excessive use of heavy weapons is 'not fun' so is getting flung/pushed around by team rnades, arty, mortar, and general spam. Panzer is limited to one per side anyways so these trouble makers could have been "forced" to remove the pazner/heavy instead of enforcing such a rule IMO - one map per day, IMO, is too harsh especially when some maps finish prematurely. My idea above worked well for our server and we improved this by instead of being kicked, you would shoot medpacks from the panzer if you reached enough team damage.
  10. LOL the ammount of times I've died because of this. I hear TING TING TING (3 times with a body shot or two), move on to the next target, and guess what...that 1st target is still alive!
  11. Why not just reduce the blast radius and damage of panzers, allow two of them per side and kick for team damage? I reckon if you introduced team damage kick then people would be more cautious with heavy weapons. If you are not going to punish for team damage then you are more than likely to increase the spam in the game. I've also noticed that some of the weapons feel default - specifically panzer and FG42 - but it could just be me lol.
  12. Who did you divorce an android in the flesh of a woman? Why would she take all of your PC gear? Computer says Noooooo...
  13. Yes, it can (normaly) be done in WinOS, however, if you can't get into it then the other way (which what I was trying to suggest - sorry I meant just after BIOS and not in BIOS) is go to 'Advanced Boot Options' by pressing F8 - I think this is only possible in Win7 though.

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