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my Kamikaze


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:lol hello, as one of your members to ask that I come to you a Banzai-bomber, voila!

I'm Dominique, I am 48 years of Brest in France in Brittany!

I love playing with E / T because it is the only one I play for almost 6 years!

  I know your grace server has bibibzh Ariko and friends!

if I take care of my websites just like your forum!

already here is the music of my area ( http://artiste-bretons.com/) then I love country music (http://artiste-bretons.com/le-reseau-de-la-country-musique/                          )

and I run a forum on friendship with blog, forum, photo gallery, chat with webcam!

  yes I love it!

veiled in quelquesl line I

at the server plisir!

Ah I sometimes rowing but much gold before I had not that I tested Windows 8 Pro but quickly find Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit

voila you know who I am quesque I make my day and night!


 http://ma-ville-brest.fr/ my website on my city where I live

 the best man win Banzaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :yahoo

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Welcome here Kami !


I'm a breizhou too !!


Google translate doesn't work each time, but most of readers can understand you :)


See you in game.


Kenavo !

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