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  1. Yeah great spirit excellent results (I just hope that he has not arrived last hahahaha)
  2. Masa mate, how many time, yeah i wish!
  3. Hola Smul vaya, ya eres nivel 17!, pero que alegría compañero, a ver si nos juntamos un día, extraño tanto el juego, pero no tengo tiempo y estoy usando Linux, que me complica la instalación. Saludos y felicidaes

    1. Smultronstallet


      hehhe gracias Satori... estaría bueno!


      Me hice bombero a finales de octubre. Eso me parece digno de contarte :]



    2. ^SaTorI


      Bombero que bien!, que recuerdos!, qué compañía?, alguna especialidad?


  4. ths mate...wow Platonic leader? nice mate congratz! Hahahaahaah someday mate, someday!
  5. I do not have time and I can not play, I miss my old playmates, that's my complaint ... is it the right section? Sorry, I know this is serious, but a little humor does not hurt anyone, feel free to eliminate my complaint. Regards. ^Sato.-
  6. ^SaTorI


    A long time without going through here, I just wanted to say hello and say that the family does not forget! Regards! ^Sato.-
  7. Heya Eco! hru mate? i miss you...Saludos!

  8. Heya my friend...lvl 20 leader?...well deserved, congratz mate

    1. RedBaird


      Extra work, and more worries, but the pay-increase is fantastic!


      "Pay" HAHAHA ! :D


    2. ^SaTorI


      hahahaah yeah for sure xD!


  9. Thx Mate!!! i send you two pm with another question PLS help me Obi wan Pepperoni!!! Regards!!!
  10. please friends, I know there are many that are handled in technology, I made the mistake of misusing the terminal Ubuntu, and I need to please someone who can help me, but slowly, preferably with pictures, many know that not speak English well, and I need a step by step tutorial ( the model is Acer aspire e1-470g-6806), but I need the tutorial step by step and from start to finish. I know it's too much to ask, but please, I lose my job and I have no where to get another. I need to reinstall everything PLEASE!!!
  11. Wow mate nice intro, just be nice and have a fun time with us. Welcome!
  12. Yeah that is the idea!!! Idk mate I do not play in Jay servers...perhaps you're confusing me, anyway it is fine, thanks for the welcome
  13. Back to the game!!!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. RedBaird


      Good to see you! I have to confess that every time that I first glance at your name, I am always reminded of the word "sartorial" == ""of or relating to tailoring, clothes, or style of dress. "sartorial elegance" "", so I always picture as like in that song, "a sharp-dressed man"! :D

    3. ^SaTorI


      Hahahahaah nice to see you too mate...Satori is a Japanese term for enlightenment in Zen Buddhism (Wow mate Co-leader??? the last time I saw you u are lvl 15 i think, long time ago. Anyway congratz!!! well deserved

    4. Ecoban


      hey I'm fine and you ? Still on battlefield ?

      See you on NQ1 soon !!!

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