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Best perks?


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Depending on the weapon, I usually have Stopping Power and Deep Impact -- though lately I've tossed Stopping Power in favor of UAV jammer.


If I'm running with a LMG, I usually like slight of hand (only because I don't have to wait so long to reload) lol

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The ones that are most frequently used, I would think:


Tier 1:




Bandolier (extra ammo)

And 3x nades or special nades



Tier 2:

Juggernaut (great for being stuck against snipers and survivability)

Stopping Power (Great forquicker kills and dealing with jugg)

Uav Jammer

Sleight of hand (faster reload times)



Tier 3:


Deep Impact

Steady Aim

Last Stand (depending on your server)

Dead silence (quieter movement, often used with uav jammer/silencers)




It all depends also on your setup. For instance, running a LMG you're more than likely going to want Stopping power or sleight of hand, paired with deep impact and bandolier. (Maybe 3x nades)


Or running P90, you may want uav jammer and dead silence for rushing around and getting the drop on people.


What's 'best' depends on your style of play. THe more Overpowered one tends to be stopping power. Quicker kills, turns normal mode into Hadcore lol


That's another thing as well. It will also depends on what server type your on. Do you really need stopping power on a HC server? Something to think about. :)

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I literally use same perks for every single class in the game (even sniper)



Stopping Power

Steady Aim


(I drop stopping power for UAV jammer in hardcore)

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Dddgrn ... a solid little bit of advice ... pick ONE gun and ONE set-up of perks and just WORK WITH IT for awhile (like several months). I found one set-up I like and I stuck to it, use it almost 98%+ of the time now, PICK ONE THING and get GOOD WITH IT ! I see noobs all the time switching around back and forth picking guns and new perks for this and that, then getting killed a few times and getting frustrated and switching to a new gun and new set of perks ... it's NOT the GUN ... it's YOU ... pick 1 and get good at it, really is that simple.


Now before I get bashed, yes sometimes some set-ups work better on a particular map, or in a particular circumstance, but in general if you become highly proficient with one set-up you'll find it easier to transition to others later, it's harder if you never get good with any one set-up and just keep trying new set-ups all the time never getting good at any and always thinking there's some magic combination of gun & perks that will make you a superior player, it doesn't work that way.



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For assault rifles I'll usually have them unsilenced and i'll use: bandolier, sleight of hand, and deep impact.


For sub-machine guns, I'll use unsilenced and silenced. For unsilenced it's: bandolier, sleight of hand, steady aim. For silenced: bandolier, uav jammer, and steady aim.


For sniper rifles, I use: bandolier, overkill, and deep impact

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What do you guys think are the most useful perks? I keep messing with them, and some of them seem almost useless, like juggernaut.


i think the best ones are extra mags, fast reload, and eavesdrop

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I've found that what LA_Kings stated above to be true and mainly stick with my one gun and perks. Sometimes I wish for more, but I do alright with what i have because I've become comfortable with the set up.

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Totally depends on the type of game you want to play but I always have UAV jammer on unless I am in Killhouse server playing for fun then it is Stopping Power.


Perk1: Bandolier or Clays/C4

Perk2: UAV Jammer

Perk3: Deep Impact or DeadSilence


Are the only ones I ever use, the only time I ever change is for rampage mode when I mess about with Quick Reload which I have with


I tend to go with


1) Good all rounder for most maps except for the tiny ones

G3 or M146a



Deep Impact


2) Good for big maps with few players to pick people off

Bolt Sniper (both seem the same to me)

Quick Reload for Sniper only match or UAV for normal matches

Deep Impact


3) Great for medium maps where you can sneak round and knife, G36C also gives some medium range

G36C Silenced

Pistol Silenced


Dead Silence


4) Good all round class - One I use on maps with lots of players in where the G3 just can't keep up




Deep Impact


I also agree just stick to one gun and learn it well.


Have you noticed how the M146a, M4 throw grenades quicker? handy in tight spots..

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Hi recoil guns get steady aim. its pointless to do extreme conditioning with heavy guns so deep impact is prob the best route to go. I like ot silence the m4 and the p90. P90 is prob the best all around performer for me personally. I like the m1911.45 pistol too.

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Guest brutaldeluxe

As it was said, it depends on what kind of performance you want for each class (silence, heavy power etc). But there is one I like quite a lot : Sleight of Hand. I hate it when it takes too long to reload :/

I also like the one which gives you better accuracy when you don't aim, I think it is Steady Aim.

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Yeah, I play on hardcore, so maybe I don't need stopping power. Thanks for the replies guys.


HC perks:


Bandolier (so you can spray and pray)

UAV Jammer (so you can chill in a corner while realoding)

Steady Aim (for some hip-fire)

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