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    Professional CoD player UO, CoD2, decent CoD4 player, good League of Legend player, good dubstep, goregrind, grindcore, brutal metal, good brother :) HEADBANG
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  1. Monthly COD4 Highest Kills Award November 2013

    Totally forgot about that rule, thanks for reminding me ^.^
  2. Always rush when you have super shooting and moving reflexes :]
  3. Monthly COD4 Highest Kills Award November 2013

    Im back in buisness for awards, buckle your seat belt folks :] A little 150 kills to begin with
  4. COD4 Server Promod Server Ready to Go!

    Seems like i'll be more around with this new server up , good job everyone who put time and effort in this.
  5. 300 Rise of an Empire

  6. Dead Island Riptide

    I loved the first one, its almost the same thing, few different skills, different area but if you didnt like the first one, you wont like this one. So yeah, 10/10. Killing zombies with machetes and baseball bat is my thing.
  7. Jumps/Bounce

    I usually do them only to try to no scope with a sniper while in the air, going somehwere you're not supposed to is different.
  8. Gaming Night

    All day on Killbox so bring your Stopping Power perk
  9. Best Cod 4 =F|A= Player

    I teached Decimate a few tricks to snipe , if you think hes better than me Its on.
  10. Best Cod 4 =F|A= Player

    I couldnt agree more. Dont get me wrong, hardcore its too easy to get kills with any guns/perks. In softcore, thats where the real challenge is (QS take out the snipe without getting scared to be sprayed by a LMG).
  11. Best Cod 4 =F|A= Player

    Knowing most COD4 members of this clan, theres ALOT of very awesome players you left ou there. Its kinda of a hot topic to call out good players (few you know) while forgetting alot more. Im pretty sure they already know they're really good.
  12. COD and ET players you think are good

    Stevy is such a good player I gotta go with Paradox and SyNtAx. Also Dignitas scrim team was pretty beast back in the day
  13. Best Cod 4 =F|A= Player

    There's alot of members , from what i saw so far, Decimate, Dash, FiveMagic, mAdArA, laintime, Cannibal and i could go on. Also myself :]
  14. diablo 3 Diablo 3 player still out there?

    I downloaded the game when i bought it because my disc reader isnt working. Go on Blizzard website, make a battlenet account , enter your Diablo 3 CD key and download the client.
  15. diablo 3 Diablo 3 player still out there?

    Playing daily since i got my account back. Barb 200k dps DH 150k dps Wiz/Witch Doctor 150k dps Battlenet is MagOo#1262