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  1. Guardian

    COD4 Server Where is everybody?

    I haven't really been on last few months, but when I do i'm only playing for a few matches before i sense myself getting annoyed at the game.
  2. Guardian

    News Welcome our new staff member

    Gratz spidy!
  3. Guardian

    Website Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to everyone!
  4. Guardian

    Skorpion fix ?

    Adding the silencer reduces your recoil, and thus making it more accurate at longer range. This is not a bug and unless some kind of server change was made (which i doubt, because it would involve modding), it should still be hella accurate. So I'm pretty sure we can do nothing about that.
  5. Guardian

    Website Happy New Year - 2018

    Happy new year!
  6. Guardian

    Other Winter CoD Promo

    congratz mate!
  7. Guardian

    Map Rotation

    I really agree with Krayzie here, you can't please everyone and from what i know, a lot of people also like maps such as Ambush, and hate maps like Chinatown. Also if you leave the rotation on just your favourites for extended periods of time, you will go and start to dislike them. And don't forget that with certain maps, the number of people play on it also greatly influences the fun you will have. For example: I really like the Countdown map when the server pop is low-medium, but when it gets high it can quickly become very frustrating to play on.
  8. Guardian

    Top Five Best COD4 Guns

    Tss, everyone knows the Mini-Uzi with ACOG scope is the best weapon in the game But for reals, the best one in my opinion is the M4 with red dot. Or if you like to camp, the G3 with silencer.
  9. Guardian

    COD4 chrash

    So i did some google searching about the high sierra update, and it seems like there are a lot more games that have problems with it. If it is possible, you should revert to OS before high sierra. Also I found this page of Aspyr (i think thats a macOS port publisher or something like that) where at the bottom of the page is a link where you can make a support ticket, which may help you solve the issue. https://support.aspyr.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004944283-Aspyr-games-and-macOS-High-Sierra
  10. Guardian

    COD4 chrash

    I don't have much knowledge of Apple stuff, but first of all what kind of error do you get? Have you tried it with a mic jack in the mic jack thingie? If available, have you tried playing it off of an ssd? What you can also do is partition (i think thats the right term for dividing) your harddrive and install an older version on that drive? Not sure how that works out, but there are some software that allows you to do that, but if you have upgraded to the newest version, you should be able to revert the upgrade i think.
  11. Guardian

    Game outdated

    I had this issue too i think and i solved it by uninstalling and removing all your cod4 files (you can back up your stats if you want) and do a fresh install. Copy your whole cod4 folder to somewhere else and download the 1.7 patch. After this you patch 1 of these to the 1.7 version, so you end up with a 1.7 and 1.6 version of the game.
  12. Guardian

    Monthly COD4 RPG Award July 2017

    damn son, congratz!
  13. Guardian

    Monthly COD4 RPG Award July 2017

    ah damn, guess i'll have to get 4 now...
  14. Guardian

    Monthly COD4 Back-Stabber Award July 2017

    Got a 3 kill streak
  15. Guardian

    Monthly COD4 KDR Award June 2017

    Man you know i always die more often than getting kills No, i haven't really been online much anymore, but I will put on a fight to snag these sweet awards away from you when i do get online!