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  1. COD4 keeps telling me my hardware has changed....

    A user in the Steam Forums had the same error, and theirs was tracked down to write protected files. I'm getting this same error on my PC (windows 7 64 bit) -so will check this out when I get home tonight and let everyone know.
  2. Finally back to mostly regular rotation

    Dropped a post into the Tracker (since that's what Speed had advised people to do in a previous post regarding inactive members).
  3. Due to working on residence upgrades and needed issues around the property, I've not been on the servers for quite a while. Just got the old laptop configured to play, and while it's not as good as my desktop, at least I don't need to be shut in the back room in order to play. Hope to see some of the regulars in game.
  4. Washington's new marijuana bill....

    Yeah, they look at it the same as intent to sell. It's seeming to be more of a knee jerk reaction as they're paranoid that everyone's going to become a pot head and it will spread like a disease.
  5. Washington's new marijuana bill....

    They've not laid that out yet Lulu. It won't be until the end of the year (if then) that they have things in place for the production/selling of it through state run locations. However, it is no longer illegal to have possession of up to 1 oz, but it is still llegal to give away/sell or to smoke it in public.
  6. Today is backup day !!!!!!

    I have made use of services like dropbox and google drive to store my backups as well. It is best to have an offsite backup just in case your computer crashes completely.
  7. I need help.

    According to this website, Option+N should do the trick. http://symbolcodes.tlt.psu.edu/accents/codemac.html
  8. which energy drink is your fav???

    If I'm at work, I'll grab a few Rockstar Energy and punch cans. If at home, the best rush of caffeine is homemade Thai Tea. Damn, that stuff is strong.
  9. Say goodbye to Twinkies

    People around here cleaned out the twinkies from every store they could touch, and I saw a full parking lot at the hostess bakery outlet store. People were walking out of there with 2-3 bags stuffed full of whatever they could get their hands on. Simply crazy!
  10. I've practically maxed out my profile, with the exception of headshots and sniper rifles. Wondering what other players do when they have maxed out their profiles. Do you just keep playing for the fun of it, or do you start another profile? Rev
  11. Sweet, Thanks Dennis - and you need to buy more beer!
  12. If they turn around the vote and outlaw it based on harmful effects, then that could open up a can of worms/arguments on a lot of other things. OTC pain killers are harmful to the body, caffeine can kill, and that could even have people try to bring back prohibition and outlaw tobacco. Personally, I say if people want to smoke it, they can't complain about possible side effects. If they don't want to take a chance on those side effects, don't touch the stuff, even if it becomes legal.
  13. I've slacked off too much from my graphics skills lately, and just don't have time to put substantial effort into an awesome signature. So, I put it out as a request -- What is the signature about? Would like to see something along the lines of the old 80's cyberpunk style -- advance of technology, decline of civilization, circuitry/metal etc. (for some ideas, can look at google images of the older game Neocron) The size of the signature in pixels? normal sig size, or however big you need it to be for your design The colour combination you prefer? As long as it fits the futuristic/cyberpunk theme. The text you want on the signature? Not sure if this too long for a sig -- "There are moments when even to the sober eye of reason, the world of our sad humanity may assume the semblance of Hell." Anything signature maker should avoid? Nothing that jumps to mind.
  14. I'm not sure if it will or not. I'm suspecting that with the taxing etc that will be done with it (here in WA), if the price per 1/8 oz is equal or lower than the street cost was, the street cost will probably drop in order to keep their buyers. I'm just worried about quality. Would much prefer to grow my own so I know what goes into it.
  15. CoD4 Crashes Everytime I Open!! HELP

    If this is anything like the error I used to get, all it took was making sure something was plugged into my microphone jack, even if I wasn't going to be using the microphone.