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Good pc i think and low fps :/


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Hey everybody a few days ago i buy a new pc and i have fps about 30 : O . on my old shitty pc i have higher fps what should i do?


my pc:

Intel celeron D 325J 2533 mh (19 x 133)

Ram : 1024 MB (ddr2 SDRAM)


Video Card Intel® 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family (128 MB)


this is the most important thinks i think , need help :P

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Upgrade video card to pci express if possible and upgrade cpu, first find out what motherboard model you have and see what kind of cpu's are supported and make sure that it has a pci express slot for vid card. If it doesn't have a pci express slot and you can't upgrade the cpu return it and get your money back.

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You are buying Celeron D PC in the era of Core i7? Common man be reasonable.



I will say first hand that ALL Intel i7 models will own any games! I have a i7 950 and it plays ET at 333 FPS, but I cap it 125 or so, makes it look way better. I am curious, did you buy that new? or did you buy that used from someone? I am with Joe though, your video card could use some upgrading, but if your mobo do not support it, take that beast back and get something that allows more upgrading.


Here is a decent one at a resonable price. I would just use this as reference and build your own. This one will play any game you throw at it @ maximum settings. The manufacturer however fails. But like I said use as a reference.



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Those Celerons are deliberately slowed down to keep laptops from overheating and from using up the battery. With that in mind, you could overclock it extensively. Here is a good start:



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