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  1. Happy Birthday Crimson!

  2. hbd 2day nd hav fun

  3. happy b-dayy stranger :)

  4. HappyBirthdayDude:-)

  5. A Little Bit Longer (You Don't Even Know) - Jonas Brothers...... lol joking Listening to: Terrified Get me out alive - Parabelle
  6. The integrated video card is the issue here.
  7. 'Grats guys all your hardwork is shown right there....
  8. News just in: IE, Google and Firefox are eliminating the FAVOURITES tool from their browsers. From now on when you go online you won't have the option of clicking on a favourites page. You will simply be directed to sites that are only hosted in your neighbourhood, that people of similar values are looking at. It's going to be waaaay better for you. Thank god IW don't do internet browsers. Lol epic fail by IW, got my pre order cancelled and my money back today. Looks like I will be staying with ET and COD4.
  9. Well thats pretty much what I was thinking... lol, but why waste the money on the new one when I could possibly get the performance I am looking for out of what I have already got? I have got some experience overclocking though, I have been running this chip at 3.6ghz for about two months now... I think I will visit those forums some more help. BTW.. I already use riva tuner for my graphics. Also under load at 3.6ghz my chip never got over 53 degrees Celsius. Ive stressed tested and completed 10 hours of orthos without fail. I am running a thermaltake pro-water 850i kit, with added cooling blocks to the kit for the north end and graphics. Crimson.
  10. Hey there guys, Just wanted to ask if anyone here knows much about overclocking? I know some basics and have overclocked before but, I am wanting to push it a lot further than what I've already achieved. PC specs will be posted upon request for those serious about helping Thanks, Crimson.
  11. All comes down to which icon i click... lol If im playing other 2.6b servers ill play it from 2.6b, but typically I play it from 2.55
  12. Sounds good hobbit. Let me know if ya need some help or get stuck. Crimson. Btw... Make it something original that hasn't been done b4 or something that's related to actual history.
  13. Add me on xfire and I'll talk you through it so you can learn/understand what I give you. My xfire is: Crimson5123 Thanks.
  14. Thought I'd add this: http://hankfiles.pcvsconsole.com/answer.php?file=430

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