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Other SpaZtik goes BYE BYE


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The title may be a bit misleading. I am not leaving the clan. However, for the release of CoD. MW2, I will be purchasing the Xbox360 edition rather than the PC version (as many of you have already determined for yourself due to the non-dedicated-server-ness).


I started the CoD series on the Xbox and I would like to continue it. I was around 10,000th in kills in CoD4, and 1300th in CoD WaW. I would also like to continue my tradition of raping face and try to be 100th or less in the world in kills for MW2. This is why I really haven't been playing on PC much lately. I've been catching up on tips, tricks, and skills on the Xbox. Also trying to get used the to controller and more slow paced action; not to mention the smaller rooms.


Don't get me wrong guys and girls, I love all of you. This was and is my absolute favorite clan. Thus making the members the best and my favorite group of people that I have ever played with on PC. Since CoD4 was actually my first FPS on PC, F|A was very welcoming.. and all that mushy stuff.


Essentially I am not leaving the clan, but I am retiring when the Xbox version comes out. And leaving might be the result of not playing almost at all. After a while, just like I did with CoD4, I will most likely purchase MW2 for PC because I enjoyed CoD4 so much. I hope when this happens that you will all still be around and playing; which means I also hope they incorporate dedicated servers.


So, I guess that this is goodbye for now.. I'm not sure what the exact policy for people who don't want to leave the clan but have other plans and things they want to do in mind, but I hope I am able to stay and rejoin everyone in a little while. Realistically a year or so.


If anyone plans on getting the Xbox version, let me know. My gamertag is "I SpaZtik I". I'll keep in touch on vent and xfire (if that's ok).


Thanks everyone, especially you officers, and definitely dare devil. Thanks for letting me in and giving me a chance. Again, I love you all, and I'll see ya around!



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The only thing I guess we can do is steal his xbox lol :P Who agrees with me :D


I do.. Lets do it secretly wen he is not arnd, and lets keep this a Secret .. :D:P

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It has been fun man. Aboleo and myself will more than likely pick it up for xbox as well (and pc). I'll see you around and hopefully not get killed by you much. It has been fun though, learned alot of tricks from you. Take care and see ya around.

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Hah. You guys are funny. If my box ends up broke.. dear god the world will end. But yes chica I'll hop on every once in awhile. I hope to see you on xbox live Demir and AB. Just send me a friend request.

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