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  1. Happy Birthday Sponge!

  2. Happy Birthday Sponge!

  3. Sponge

    Sponge (drip)

    (squeeze) drip drip drip
  4. s/d = I would like to see some search and destroy on the hardcore server.
  5. Sponge


  6. I personally don't mind creek, but it would be nice to see killhouse and backlot. (I don't like chinatown or downpour)
  7. signed... funny video. Very disappointed by IW. I was going to buy it, but no chance of that happening now.
  8. Bye SpaZtik. It's been good playing with you.
  9. I just installed COD4 1.7 patch on my computer. I was on Vent and was heard that I should make a copy of the game and install it in that so that is what I did but it turns out that I have to start a new profile. Is this normal or should I re-install it in the original? Any help would be great.

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