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Ostra Brama final


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This is kinda new map, didnt played it before nor heard for it. I just went throught list of maps and found this one quite good for FA2 server or maybe for ETPUB server since its not so big.

I tested it at my etpro server, went over whole map, checked the obj, spawns and other things and kinda found it good for FA2 or any other FA server. It have 2 stages with capping the flag and getting into castle with managing the tank ofc, so u cant really rush it fast.


Download link:










Operation Ostra Brama (lit. Operation Sharp Gate) was an armed conflict during World War II between the Polish Home Army and the Nazi German occupiers of Vilnius. It began on July 7, 1944, as part of a Polish national uprising, Operation Tempest, and lasted until July 14, 1944. The Germans were defeated. Victory !


Allies will start in the forest surrounding Vilnius, escorting the tank to the river and capture the Axis flag. Then cross the river to Vilnius where the Axis Ammo Supply documents are (in Gediminas Tower). Steal the document and get them back to the radio tent!











Im willing again to set up test server on my etpro server so anyone interested to test it pliz contact me on xfire.

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I already used this map for server... but no one love it also the objective is so rushy :hmm well it's nice map for Maxi maxi 8v8, but for More it will be unplayable :)



So medic u can add that map now for NQ server :)...

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So medic u can add that map now for NQ server :)...


Sorry Baska but I can't add this map cos there is no bot 0.71 support for this map ... only omni bots 0.66 works for this map... so the only way if i add this map is disable bots.

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