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1944 Beach final


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I found out some old but good map and big map for FA2 server.

Been playing it at past on some French NQ server which had 32 slots. Dont know how's gonna work on 64 slots server with 50 players connected but i hope someone could give some feedback about that.

Map is big, both sided and alot of ways to attack, so there cant be much of spawnkills, since there are 2 seperate spawns for allies.





The allies must build the transmitter. They must the steal the documents from the Chateau and get them to the transmitter.


















First priority is to build a transmitter and destroy tapes.

Build a commandpost. The get the house where the documents are and steal them... Watch for mines ! Cvops are very useful there... Attack from both sides ( not necessery but will confuse them ).



First build the traps and doors. After that place mines and build the commandpost. ( try to destroy allies transmitter )

Then you got nothing else to do except defending thze documents at all price !!!


Download link:


DIRECT LINK powered by enemyterritory-stuff.net /old


Im willing to share test server if u guys want, have it on my etpro server and if anyone want to test it pliz contact me on xfire.

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yes yes yes oh yes !!! I would love to see this map replace UJE or Hydrodam =P (mainly because everyone leaves whenever we start playing them). It would be nice to get some new maps in before the holiday season =)



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Im going to stay with with my trend saying that all non- scrim maps are bad and say this map sucks.


Plz don't take my opinion into consideration as I haven't played on FA2 for a few months and probably never will. As it is I rarely play on Jay1.

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It's great, but it's hard for allies since we spawn long way from everything all the time. For once it's a different map and it was fun to play it.

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