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Pic of the Day 13.01.12


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aww first one... I just wanna squeeze it's ickle-wickle cheeks, aren't you a cutie cat? Who's a pretty pussy? Yes you are! Oh yes you are!




Anyway, the second one is sooo true.

As is th-


Yes you are... Oh yes you are.... goochy gooch cooo~~~!

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This..... scared me.


wut? even buff boys have their soft spots for pussies! It's lik-


ahh where do you think you're going? aww you cute-y. daddy's gonna give you tummy raspberry. Yes I am. Oh yes I am.


As I was saying, buff boys like me hav-


Your little whiskers are coming out of your eyebrows mister. wabbit. what's that? Imma gonna dress you up as a little poledancer? Would you like that? Oh yes you would. Who's a little cat? Who's a little...


*walks off*

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