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  1. Damn girl, you sexy. Hannibal looks good on yah.

  2. Glad to see another Kris(z) around here.
  3. Kinda funny how I saw this post because my father just ordered the same SSD and he called me asking if I knew the game and if I wanted it. I asked him if it was for a console or PC and he had no idea, but now I guess I have my answer.
  4. Some people just make me physically uncomfortable.

  5. You're still beautiful.

  6. What is your avatar even supposed to be? Haha

  7. Computers are so frustrating.

    1. staticwarp


      they certainly can be :( i saw a quote on some tech support site which was something like "computers allow us to solve problems we wouldn't have if there were no computers" xD

  8. I've been playing since the mid 2000's and joined FA servers around 2010. Good to see you are all alive.
  9. Where have you been? Haven't seen you in ages!

    1. ladykris


      Ha. probably because I haven't played ET in ages! Been at school and work :3

  10. Good to see an ex Pro* player around. Seeyah on the servers soon.
  11. Real talk. I'm afraid of airports.

    2. staticwarp


      i didn't used to be, but after my last trip i kind of dread them. I hear that airports outside the US are much nicer.

  12. Women are much too busy in the kitchen to be on the internet.

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