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YAY at last I bought an xbox!


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YAY at last i bought a xbox, bought it on ebay for $ 180, which is a really good price, its brand new and it's an unwanted present from christmas :-)


For a few years now I wanted a xbox, but my wife wouldn't let me buy one hahahaha I think she scared I get too addicted to it :lol


Any suggestions for good games to buy? I know for sure ill buy mw3 and Battlefield 3, but anything else thats good?

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I've got an Xbox too, and we have Kinect, so we bought Dance Central 2 and now my wife and I dance in front of the tv. She's the better dancer, but I mimic the moves and score more points.

Hahahahaha well I'm sure my wife will be addicted to it also , once she gets into it :-)
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Depending on what you are wanting to do, The xbox is lots of fun.


Some fantastic I own and would recommend:


Arcade Games Market Place


TMNT Arcade

Streef Fighter II

Final Fight

Golden Axe

Streets of Rage

Xmen Arcade

Sensible world of Soccer


Geometry Wars



Good Co-Op Fun:


Crackdown - 2 player co-op is hilarious

Crackdown 2 - I am yet to play this but here it is amazing.

GTA 4 - Co-op missions

Halo 3 - 4 player Legendary Campaign FTW!

Gears of War

NHL 11/12 - 6v6 Ice Hockey online = EPIC

Fifa 12 - 11 vs 11 Be a pro online

F1 2010 - 8 player Monaco grand prix = lolz



Offline single player games

Red Dead Redemption

F1 2010




Kinnect Games


Sports (Esp athletics!)

Just Dance - I played the demo and like the others said - My wife loved it and i barely got a look in!



If you ever want to play any of the above with/against me - Feel free to add me, Gamertag = S4LVO


Happy Gaming :)

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