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  1. mac os Good App Store Apps

    I've had pages for over a year and I have to say, I really can't live without it. Makes essay writing a whole easier, with organized templates and a lot more options than word.
  2. [COD4] Weapons Guide & Stats

    Good info, gives me new insight on my AK
  3. Monthly COD4 Highest Kills Award February 2012

    yes though It would give me a much bigger chance if you didn't
  4. Monthly COD4 KDR Award February 2012

    I was 51-8 but this team stacker came and I had to talk to him /: got myself spawn killed 5 times... there goes my only hope of beating nasty D:
  5. Monthly COD4 KDR Award January 2012

    Lol i'll post my 50-8 next month cause of milli's monster score. Just something you should try to beat
  6. mac os Demos?

    I know the problems solved but like usual I just need to bug in I have a mac and i really hate taking SS in COD and having to find them later. If your taking use the macbook command for it. Command+ option 3 takes full screen
  7. CuddlyPanda

    Damn boy. Thats nasty
  8. Lol I quite like your sig but I don't like that 300 pound lookin soldier Creative stuff though I wouldn't have dreamed to make something as good as that (I tried making a signature, i couldn't even write my damn name on photoshop) Oh and it would be better if the signature only consisted of black white and red. Thanks!
  9. Teens Planned to Bomb School, Steal Plane

    The hell were they going to go after they stole the plane?
  10. Monthly COD4 KDR Award January 2012

    8 awards? gah your better off donating nasty
  11. Changed my name from GoLdeN to InNo$ent. not very picky about whats on my sig, as long as it has something from COD and my name on it (=F|A= InNo$ent) Thanks
  12. 2012, coinsidence?

    no def not a coincidence
  13. Name change GoLdeN ---> InNo$ent

    Changed my name from golden to innocent. Speed told me that I needed to notify everyone on fourms. I can't change my fourm name though, and imma probably gonna need a new sig but i'll ask for that on the signature section
  14. The hell's with the people these days RIP
  15. broke my mouse...

    oh haha i was there when u broke it. <--- =F|A= J.R here.