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The top 50 players in 2011


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It's the end of 2011 and in the world of soccer there were many great players. Here's a list of the best 50 players in 2011, see if you agree (the player's name is listed first, then their clubs, and then their nationality)



50. Lukas Podoski - Koln (German)

49. Frank Lampard - Chelsea (English)

48. Nani- Manchester United (Portuguese)

47. Shaqari - FC Basel (Swiss)

46. Gernhvio- Arsenal (Ivory Coast)

45. Dider Drogba- Chelsea (Ivory Coast)

44. Vermallen- Arsenal (Belguim)

43. Ara Turan -Traspozor (Turkey)

42. David Beckham - LA Galaxy (England)

41. James Milner - Manchester City (England)

40. Vorm - Swansea City (Netherlands)






39. Tiago- Barcalona (Spanish)

38. Edin Dzecko- Manchester City (BIH)

37. Clint Dempsey - Fullham (USA)

36. Ruiz - Fullham (Costa Rica)

35. Asomah Gyan - Sunderland (Ghana)

34. Ramsey - Arsenal (Whales)

33. Marcelo- Real Madrid (Portugal)

32. David Luiz- Chelsea (Portugal)

31. Ashley Young - Manchester United (England)

30. Titate - Newcastle United ( Ivory Coast)




29. Pato - AC Milan (Brazil)

28. Cavanni - Napoli (Uruguay)

27. Marin - Werder Bremen (Germany)

26. Ozil - Real Madrid (Germany)

25. Walcott- Arsenal (England)

24. Johnson - Man City (England)

23. Micah Richards - Man City (England)

22. Joleen Lescott - Man City ( England)

21. Sebastian Larrason- Sunderland (Sweden)

20. Al-hasbi - Wigan (UAE)


19 Daniel Sturrige - Chelsea (England)

18 Antoni Valencia - Manchester United (Ecudar)

17 Samir Nasri - Manchester City (France)

16. Demba ba - Newcastle United (Ivory Coast)

15. Schezney - Arsenal (Poland)

14. Thomas Muller - Bayren Munich (Germany)

13. Sneijder - Inter (Netherlands)

12. Iniesta - Barcalona (Spain)

11. Juan Mata - Chelsea (Spain)

10. Sergio Aguero - Manchester City (Uraguay)



9. Deigo Forlan- Inter -(Urguay)

8. Joe hart - Manchester City - (England)

7. Mario Battotelli - Manchester City - (Italy)

6. Xabi Alonso Real Madrid - (Spain)

5. Sergio Ramos - Real Madrid (Spain)

4. Neymar - Santos (Brazil)

3. David Silva - Manchester City (Spain)

2. Ronaldo - Real Madrid (Portugal)

1. Messi- Barcalona (Argentina)




lol I'm sucha big soccer nerd :) post a comment if you think i got something wrong

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Wayne Rooney, Robin Van Persie, Bastian Schweinsteiger to only name 3, but there are many more who are missing.

Just because you don't like them, you can't deny their talent. I mean, in what universe is Mario Balotelli (not Battotelli..) a better striker than RVP?

Wayne Rooney plays from center midfield to center forward every position at a top level and does not get mentioned?


It is always the same with making such a list. Its biased from start till end. If number 1 and 2 would not be so obvious, I would guess a Man City player would feature your number 1 in the list..

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No offense but when i see your list, i now understand why you're a City fan lol.

Half of your list are just normal players (Al habsi, Larsson, Lescott .. wtf?) or old players (Drogba, Lampard, Beckham) which ones are over.


Didn't have time to make a ranked list but here is already the top 25 imo : Messi (Barcelona), Cristiano Ronaldo (Real), Piqué (Barcelona), Villa (Barcelona) Ozil (Real) Casillas (Real), Rooney (Manchester), Xavi (Barcelona), Iniesta (Barcelona), Higuain (Real), Aguero (City), Van Persie (Arsenal), Tevez (City), Schweinsteiger (Bayern), Lahm (Bayern), Nani (Manchester), Silva (City), Ibrahimovic (Milan), Eto'o (Anzhi), Luis Suarez (Liverpool), Thomas Muller (Bayern), Sneijder (Inter), Vidic (Manchester), Yaya Touré (City), Fabregas (Barcelona)


Also some others good players that need to confirm at a better level : Bale, Neuer, Gotze, Hulk, Cavani or Neymar

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