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  1. Favourite Beer

    Heineken and Żywiec
  2. Euro 2016 Qualification groups

    And than you are out after one match
  3. config request

    Thank you
  4. config request

    Habitually I like it... shouldn't I ?
  5. config request

    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium CPU: Intel Core i5-2500 3.3GHz RAM: 4 GB Graphic Card: Radeon 6950 Monitor: 21" 1920x1080 60Hz Internet connexion: cable with modem -> router (40mb/s) Game graphics: ugly, but if possible another cfg for high What resolution you play with: 1024x768 What Sensitivity: 2 Standard fov - 90 Crosshair 5 (it is just a dot right ?) mods i use to play: jaymod / silent
  6. Judge Dredd 3D | trailer

    Some movies shouldn't be continuated without it key character. I saw the trailer in cinema and I wasn't infatuated (dunno if this is a good word). "I am the law" wasn't the same But, this is only my opinion.
  7. Pic of the Day 06.09.12

    #3 owned #1 now we know asians conquer plans
  8. Pic of the Day 07.09.12

    LOL!!!! face of the guy at #2
  9. Judge Dredd 3D | trailer

    This gonna be crap :/ It won't be the same without Stalone.
  10. Champions League

    Ajax and B.Dortmund gonna win this group Would be nice to throw out "big money" teams.
  11. Premier League 2012-2013

    Probably Manutd. Hope that Tottenham will be good without Modric and Van Der Vaart.
  12. Post here your old nicknames

    It was Argun from the beginning of my ET "career"
  13. I'm curious how many clans listed in this topic was real. There is some people who has been in 5 or more clans. Why changing them like a gloves ;D
  14. can't join to silent server

    I wasn't redirected. I just kicked out mod files and downloaded again. Than just joined to silent ( without any problem.