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Acking disconnected download mode?


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Hey, I have seen many times on F|A 2 when someone connects to server, i see in console "Acking disconnected download mode". Could anyone explain it to me? and what is the reason of it?

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I always understood it to mean what Retro just said too :) If they don't have the map or the mod PK3 (or any other custom pk3s) then they will sit in the 'downloading' state which you see on the connecting screen when you don't have a new map. Instead of them sitting in spec as 'connecting' for 5 minutes or w/e, they download without consuming a slot.


EDIT: Most people can download a map in <1minute but dial up users etc could take 5+ minutes to download a map.. Wich is a long time for several players to be hogging a slot whilst downloading.. So you can see the importance when you look at it like that :)



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