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Man 'tries to kill his wife because she spends too much time on Facebook'


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Man 'tries to kill his wife because she spends too much time on Facebook'




A man has been jailed on attempted homicide and other charges that accuse him of trying to shoot his wife because he believes she spends too much time on the Facebook social networking site.


Harry Hibbs Jr., 51, of North Strabane, Pennsylvania, remained jailed on Monday because he is unable to post $500,000 bail set by a judge after his arrest on Christmas Eve.


Police say there were two children in the home at the time, and that Hibbs' wife Anna was holding one of them, a two-year-old, when he pushed her to the ground and hit her in the head with a gun.


Police say Hibbs then tried to shoot the woman but the gun malfunctioned, the Associated Press reports.


Online court records don't list an attorney for Hibbs, who is also charged with assault and reckless endangerment.


Mrs Hibbs told Canon-McMillan.patch.com: 'He threatened to take my life.


'He said, "The only way you’re leaving here is in a body bag".'


She said police took Hibbs into custody without a struggle.


A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for January 4.



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I'm surprised someone hasn't replied "only in America".


But seriously, there might be a story behind it. He's 51, so I imagine he has been married to his wife for about 20 years, and is sick of it. She probably ignores him all day since she's distracted with Facebook, then he snapped. Still though, he's needs help.

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maybe she was poking too many people ...


Or maybe she was getting poked by too many guys...


Either way gentleman, Judging from the guys mugshot, It looks like there will be a new lovely lady, single and available when the divorce is finalized. [/end sarcasm]

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