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  1. Happy Birthday *goon*!

  2. Happy Birthday *goon*!

  3. Ok so after being inactive from the forums and ET for around 3 months I have finnaly decided its time for me to come back. yall could look forward to me bein a regular on the hardcore and silent server once again and I will also look forward to seeing you. =].
  4. *goon

    ET break

    Well im sure most of you all are aware I havn't been active on our servers lately and that i've only been glancing at the forums every once in a while. So I was just bringing it to your attention that I decided to take a break from ET and have been playing alot of MW3 (ps3) trying to prepare for a local tournament. And no I do not wish to void my trial I still have every intention of becoming a full clan member and completing my trial. but if my inactivity does call for that ill resubmit my application when im back. =]
  5. i dont really know u but welcome back =p
  6. hello and welcome to the forums enjoy your stay =]
  7. *goon


    o.O you ordered your parts from a place in apk?
  8. *goon


    well it seems like everything didnt go according to plan so i have been active and will remain active for this week =]
  9. yes i believe it is everyone having this problem also. id recommend getting the ip adresses of your favorite servers and just manually connecting to them instead of trying to find the server in the list.
  10. *goon


    well ive already introduced myself to everyone. forgive me if i shouldnt be posting this here. but ive updated my about me section on my profile and it just gos a little more in-depth about me.
  11. my greatest acheivement i have to say is living right now. i went from bein a street kid robbing people at gunpoint, burglarizing houses, smoking weed and poppin pills, fighting all the time, and really the best way to describe it a total menace to society to being completely legit driving trucks for national carriers pulling in 50k+ a year and only smoking weed occasionally.
  12. *goon


    Hey everyone i was just letting yall know ima be really busy for the next week and might be on like an hour this coming week so if your wondering why i havnt been to active on forums or in-game theres your answer. i look forward to having more free time and playin and talking to you all then.
  13. a lil late but i got a ps3 (my gift to myself) a 100 visa gift card and a bottle of captain and some beer =]
  14. welcome to the forums enjoy your stay i know ur gona love it here =]

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