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Hello F|A clan


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Hello F|A clan,

A small introduce my name is and I am 24 years old
I come from the netherlands and work as a salaryadministrator.
I play enemy territory for about 5 or 6 years I was for 3,5 years orso in funclan.
I played some days ago for the first time in your servers and I really like them.
I soon want to join your community but first I will look around a bit on advice from a member of you.
So I hope I informed you enough hehe and see eachother soon in the servers

Greetings, DF!ghter

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Well let me thank you for your warm welcome, and offcourse for all your help.

To respond what my favourite server is, well at this point the beginner server is my favourite.

But haven't had to much time to play in the other servers aldo no quarter is my less favourite gameplay.

And chrasher thnx for copying the links to me very nice !!.

If you have a question to me feel free to ask


Regards, Martijn

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Then to already show my good will to help people.

I searched the forum a bit and I couldn't find this file`.

This file contains almost all binds there are for enemy territory




This is the link Im not sure how I can add a pdf file in this message so hearby the link

I hope people can benefit from this file, enjoy.


Regards, Martijn

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