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  1. sounds really cool! How do they make sure the case stops fixing when it needs to, instead of growing bigger and bigger?
  2. Salutations! (Cerb3rus*)

    Welcome Cerb3rus! hope you have a good time on foums
  3. how do you make ET fit a widescreen?

    if you want to make it widescreen, you can press alt + enter. that normally works for me
  4. Pic of the Day 07.01.12

    lol on the first one!
  5. Hi there guys

    hello and welcome!
  6. Other Happy 2012!

    happy new year everyone!
  7. hello and happy new year!

    hello X.Dot hope you have a nice time on forums!
  8. Nice Dance

    he's the only good actor in that movie. the rest are noobs
  9. Pop Quiz

    impossible! if you are out of ammo, you can't throw a knife! i would go on a stabbing frenzy
  10. Wii dance of my twins

    TROLOLOLOLOL!!!! Do those kids even know they're online now?
  11. Doc's pic of the day

  12. Hello F|A clan

  13. Hey!

    Welcome to =F|A= forums!
  14. What's the best browser for you?

  15. What did you get for Christmas?

    got a jacket. lol