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Christmas Eve Food!


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it's Christmas Eve & traditionally, my family & relatives will come to the house tonight to celebrate it together. our Christmas Eve (locally known as Noche Buena) menu for the evening will be.....



Seafood Paella







Ox tongue (lengua) with mushroom sauce







Kilawin Tanigue (It is basically King Fish steeped in vinegar in which it naturally "cooks")







Roasted Suckling Pig





Leche Flan (Filipino Custard) for dessert










How 'bout you guys? what's on the menu this Eve?

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tradition...always go to dennys for breakfast:



erm then after that we skip lunch to make room for the family dinner which is usually turkey, ham, steaks, fisheye soup, potatos, salad, greenbean (with the bacon and mushroom stuff), stuffing, yams and sometimes frenchfries. Then whatever else my mom and wife think to make.

(men are banned from kitchen after my old man tried to cook the turkey when I was 12...worse christmas dinner ever...)


Then we finish it off with the traditional:



custard pie yumyumyumyumyum

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My traditional Christmas Eve food:


Flaps of herings in oil


Mushroom soup with groats


Fried carp


Dumplings filled with cabbage and mushrooms


Except that a lot of food for 2 days of Christmas ;)


Dried-fruit compote


Split peas and cabbage



Couldn't find suitable images to present dishes :(

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We do this with X-mas every year, but also whenever we feel like eating like this cus it's so yummy :P Just takes a few hours xD


Gourmetten :] , No this is not a picture of my family, lol.

Eat lots of steak and chicken and other stuff <3



We'll do this with like 12 people at my mothers house, but then with 2 of those grills things to put meat on and my aunt and grandma are gonna do cheese fondue EWWWWWWWW.. They better sit in a different room cus that damn cheese smells damn bad xD

don't know what I'll be eating at my dad's house the second day, guess I'll see!

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