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knowing some awesome cities of mexico

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hi guys how have you been. here there are some awesome cities of mexico. enjoy it. if you have more interest by one tell me and give more information :)... i invite to all to post here too about his country or your city. sorry by my english i dont know much. thanks enjoy it guys



Campeche, the only walled city


campechetown_nt.jpgSan Francisco de Campeche, founded in 1540 and located on the Gulf of Mexico coast, was named on December 1999 “Historical Fortified City of Campeche”


Why did it receive this title?


Thanks to its representative buildings with military architecture from the 17th and 18th centuries, its traditional houses, with Andalusian and Caribbean influences, and its urbanization model of a baroque colonial city.









Mexico City, the country’s pillar


bellasartes_nt.jpgHome to the federal government powers, Mexico City is one of the oldest cities in the Americas. It received the title of World Heritage City in 1987 thanks to its historic downtown and its Xochimilco National Park.


Why did it receive this title?


The Historic Downtown, named the city’s main square, was recognized for its historical and cultural value, for being an unmatched model of an urban setting and for witnessing the fusion of two cultures through its buildings, houses, streets and cathedrals.

In turn, Xochimilco possesses the title of World Heritage Site thanks to its man-made islands (floating gardens or small pieces of fertile land on a lake’s surface), which prove the exceptional work of its ancient inhabitants when building their homes in a less than favorable land.







Guanajuato: unmatched alleys and legendsgtonoche_nt.jpg


One of the most important cities during the viceroyalty period, Guanujuato played a key role during Mexico’s independence war.

This city expands throughout the surrounding hills, from where you can see its cobblestone alleys, gardens, small squares, and its colorful


facades that mix with the Indian and Hispanic culture.

Why did it receive this title?


Because it possesses one of the most beautiful examples of baroque architecture in the Americas; for being an extraordinary example of architectural collections that incorporate the industrial and economic characteristics of a mining town.






Morelia, the former Valladolid


moreliacentro_nt.jpgThe most visited non-coastal destination in Mexico, the city of Morelia possesses 1,113 historical monuments, civil and religious, which makes the city a reference point of Mexico’s architectural beauty.


Why did it receive this title?


Due to its buildings’ features, the harmony found between the different architectural styles that make up its own unique style, a statement for Mexico’s architectural history.













Formerly known as Antequera, Oaxaca de Juarez means in the Nahuatl language “in the nose of the leucaenas”.

Its Historic Downtown and the Monte Alban archeological site were the reasons to name it a World Heritage City.

Why did it receive this title?


Since the 16th century, Oaxaca’s Historic Downtown conserves the perfectly aligned original arrangement, which resembles a chess board.

The Monte Alban ceremonial center brings together a collection of pre-Hispanic monuments that offer wakes (on stone or pedestals) with hieroglyphics that commemorate events important to the city’s history.









Puebla, the city of angels



PueblaCentro_nt.jpgNicknamed “The Americas’ Reliquary” due to its architectural beauty, the city of Puebla was, according to a legend, created and arranged by angels to be enjoyed by mortals.

Why did it receive this title?


Its magnificent architectural monuments with Spanish colonial characteristics have help Puebla receive the title of World Heritage City.

A par excellence religious center, the Puebla of Zaragoza Heroic city was the first settling site of the Spanish conquistadors that arrived to the region.







Queretaro, development and beauty





Named the “Lowlands’ Jewel”, the splendor of Santiago de Queretaro has consolidated this city as a very attractive place for domestic and international tourists.

Why did it receive this title?


The extraordinary beauty of its architectural heritage that illustrates a colonial city, its dramatic history and immense cultural heritage that stems from a multi-ethnic population, were key characteristics to receive this title from UNESCO in 1996.

















San Miguel de Allende, a colonial landscape




A city recently incorporated to UNESCO’s listing, San Miguel de Allende is characterized by its high level of conservation, authenticity and integrity.

Why did it receive this title?


Thanks to the cultural and craftwork diversity, buildings and monuments of great historical value, which contribute culturally and architecturally to the Mexican baroque, and to its prominence during Mexico’s independence from Spain.








Tlacotalpan, an amazing Mexican site


tlacotalpan_nt.jpgConsidered by insiders and outsiders as the most traditional city in the state of Veracruz, Tlacotalpan is also a river port close to Gulf of Mexico coast.

Why did it receive this title?


Named the Papaloapan Jewel, Tlacotalpan distinguishes itself due to the architecture of its Asian-style portals, and its landscape of wide streets that interweave with the decorating columns and arches.

Its unique urban structure of great prominence and quality represents the combination of Spanish and Caribbean traditions.









Zacatecas, a colonial charm




A mining city adapted to its valleys and mountains, Zacatecas reflects its attractiveness through its beautiful buildings, which are real masterpieces.

Why did it receive this title?


Its architecture, urban arrangement and the irregular alignment of its streets, make up the splendor of its Historic Downtown, recognized by UNESCO.







enjoy it guys i have some problems to make this topic. thanks see you. :)


omg the picks moved :'( i had problems by a hour :'(

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My Mexico is more than only buildings, here are a lot of nice people and bad people, but there the nature is simply beautiful:






yess mex!cano i love mexico :) thanks for your add friend.. batalle mas de una hora con lo de arriba y de todos modos se movieron las fotos ='(

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batalle mas de una hora con lo de arriba y de todos modos se movieron las fotos ='(

I think if you know some bbCode or about html you could do a better job, but dont worry about it, put the text over every pic and everything is ok, if you need to translate something that you don't understand use google, it will help you. If you need something in spanish always can pm me! :D


By the way the correct way is México without accent because in english doesn't exist.

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Same, it's beautiful! .. I will visit once there's less "gangsters" or whatever with 99999guns that shoot you if you cross the street lol


I live here and never saw anything, you only know what tv/web show you, you really don't know what's happening!



I don't say: "I will travel to Germany or Europe when people leave the racism behind"


People crazy are in all the world, not only Mexico.

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