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  1. Happy Birthday VazQueezz!!

  2. Happy Birthday VazQueezz!!

  3. que pedo con ese wey de la foto?

  4. tunning my profile =P

  5. you can try enter to the master list since other mod (silent, nq etc) and look if you can access now. Also you can use the command /vid_restart (in console) and look what happened. Emm... Other idea is look if you dont move the options of connection. I hope your problem take solution fast friend.
  6. i love the RE games but i think that it game will be as the 4 ( after the 3 RE all the games has the same things zero and nemesis have the best history (i think) and as say here the gamee looks a little stupid i hope it will be better than the 4 .
  7. yes the true i preffer the xbox but here say that the control is very big. yes it is a big problem (o think). the ps2 control is better than the xbox, but the other things (incluing the games) are better in the xbox
  8. qe onda =D

    1. Papito


      Que pedo cabron??

      No te han dicho o hecho de pedo? No mames espero que todo salga mejor veras que te acostumbraras!!

    2. VazQueezz!


      no hasta eso qe ahora no me han dicho nada pero no e publicado nada =/ solo publico en posts qe ya estan hechos y asi :'(

  9. stay in quietly side sleepingg
  10. yes you need to check that boar is saying you, also your problem can be for virus or much junk in your laptop. you can download some softwares as Ccleaner, or tune up utilities it will help u to eliminate and clean your computer registry. if your HDD is very full you can erase some things that you dont use (music, movies and other things that you really dont need or dont use). And for check virus run your analizer. and i recommend you Malwarebytes its antimalware and its excelent. use Ccleaner is very easy here i say you how use it: 1 erase all the things and programs that you dont need (movies, songs, etc) 2 run Ccleaner and click in analize and wait until it finish. when it finished. click in tun cleaner. 3 and for the registry you do the same things. this software isnt one of the best, but its free and can help you to keep your computer clean. and for the game you can use game booster or other software that fast your game ( this soft only stop some activities into the pc for dedicate all the memory to the game) i hope be of help for you friend. i am noob in this topics but it will help you a little.
  11. the first pic is the true, all the girls always are with the camera in her hands =P, about of the two when i saw the T-rex alexandra comes to my mind =P Lol. And the 3rd pic is very unusually and very fun lol
  12. sorry friend, think that he always will life in your mind and your hearth.. never forgot that, this life is very hard, but the true is that die is the most secure that we have in this life hugs you, we are with you
  13. hey friend hi, i also play in silent and HC welcome and have fun see u in BF =D
  14. thanks for the Sign alexandra :)