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I've never played paintball, I do want to try it one day though!


Lasergaming is fun, it doesn't hurt :P


We call it Laser Tag. You should get out and try it! Just wear plenty of loose clothes, it will also help the paint not breaking on you =D

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I love paintball!


My first ever paintball memory: field full of cow crap, a long narrow field with 10ft cable spools for cover & some barrels, 15 vs 15.


All my team had died, so it was 7 vs me, 6 ft 6 charges out of cover and snaps over my position (i'm lying a around 2 ft ditch with a barrel for cover), he fires about 4 rounds, i fire around 3.


3 of my rounds hit him squarely in the naughty area, all of his bounce (therefore no shot), at the time, he was like "DIDN'T I SHOOT YOU?" I look over myself in amazement, he walks off, about a minute later a sniper takes me out. Game over.


But seriously, paintballing is awesome, the major thing that gets to me is that the bulky hopper is above the sights, so (with Tippman anyway), one has to shoot by the hip, or aim by looking down the side).

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LOL @ 4C1D's gun....I guess I was out there doing it around the same time. I had a Tippmann Pro Carbine as well as an I&I Punisher..


LoL I remember those too. The Stingray was from walmart. Those Tipman Pro's were pretty good and what the nicer field used to rent. The more fun but less nice field rented these heavy things forever

st-vm4.jpg LoL

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