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Hello Assassins


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Hello there, jacob here. :)

I'm 24 years old and I'm playing on F|A servers more than 2 years for now, mostly on jaymod#1 for fun (I'm really tired of etpro). Generally I play ET since 2003-2004 (xfire says 2400+ hours but I'm xfire user since end of 2006 only) and I just love this game. In past I played most on etpub and later on etpro mods, for practice skills etc., but right now I'm too busy and too tired of being "in emergency" all the time when I'm playing. I just want to kill someone, to make some obj without damn mathematic precision. :P


I'm living in polish city called Cracow and I'm working as webdesigner, programmist and DTP graphic. I like dogs, geography, good movies and salty food.


I don't know why I'm here and why so late but if I'm here I wanted to say hello. :) Many of you can remember me from servers.


I like playing with F|A members, most of you are good players, helping each other and showing other noobs how to play. Way to go!


If someone want to talk or play just give me a sign through forum PM, xfire or jabber or whatever. It's easier to catch me there than in game.


Peace & see you in game!


PS. oh and forgive me my english, I'm still learning.. :)


Jacob AKA ufos

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WELCOME Jacob! I look forward to playing with you soon. I would like to invite you to come play on hardcore and recruiting servers also. There are fewer slots there but I suck so you should be able to get your k/d high from killing me.


welcome to forms again and come back again soon.

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