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  1. Possibly a batch script which hides/locks certain items from your desktop, download MSE.
  2. Who wouldn't want to pay fourteen dollars for a electricity bill? Hell, I'd be lucky to only pay that much!
  3. Full Recovery after 2 months

    1. PiaNist


      welcome back!

  4. I know a site where you can get money JUST for texting, I think 100 texts is like $5.00
  5. BAD MOTHER! She should of been worried and resolved the problem YEARS AGO by worrying and taking her to the doctor for a check-up.
  6. That was amazing!

    1. Achiyan


      are you one of those "dont have sex til married" type?

    2. JoeDirt


      It would seem so.

    3. Wyvern


      @Achiyan - Nope, Double D's, Nice ass, Wonderful vagina, Pretty amazing for my 9th time :)

  7. Just married, I'm gonna go make some love now.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Leichensammler


      Gratz my friend.

    3. Panini*Hobbit@mp3


      Congrats to you Wyvern :) Enjoy the pleasure zone.

    4. Wyvern


      Thank you JoeDirt, I've been expecting this moment! Mwahahaha, and thank you Hobbit, Leichensammler and Achiyan for thbe info

  8. Very simple. viewwhois.com / Type the Domain / Get IP / LOIC, Simple.
  9. Gonna be away for a while, planning the wedding.

    1. Spitfire


      When's the bachelor party? :D

  10. Im in need of this signature ASAP. Background: Black Image: A mask, like an Eye Mask, or anything thats a Mask Mask Color: Maroon / Dark Red That is all!

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