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The Dictator | trailer


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"WTF, What the fahooljamandalia?"


"Aaaah America, the birthplace of AIDS"


"What am I a Kardashian?"

"No, of course not. You're less hairy"


The race as well.. Laughing my ass off here!

Can it be said that this is SBCohen's BEST movie?


All the best quotes, won't pay to go see this one, will just what until theres a good version on the internet.

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Seen it today.... great movie, funny but also some nice facts wrapped in a funny package.


+1 For the movie, must see !!


cheers Roppie

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I saw it a while ago in the cinema... great and funny movie!


At a few parts I couldn't stop laughing.. part when a woman is about to give birth and a part with armpit hair.. not spoiling too much ^^


It sure is a must see film :] I hated Bruno and Borat, I didn't even see those because the trailers were even totally dumb and stupid and not funny at all, but this movie IS actually funny :]


The story of the movie fails a lot though, it's just about the humor.. apart from that the story is boring

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very wasting time movie. i better say the trailer is funnier than actual movie. The jokes are so predictable and stereotype not even funny in sense. Very boring story and acting was not so good


they could have done it better

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