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    Car, both working on and driving cars, you need to work for a reason, mine is to fix my car and eventually get a new one.
    Classes (Learning), I believe learning is a wonderful tool. College and university (I am in both) are a great tool to teach you information that you can use through out your life.
    Civilization (Any and all)
    COD4 (1/18/12)
    Coin Collecting (Canadian, European(Both old and Euro))
    Drumming, both in my church band and jamming with the friends.
    Left 4 Dead 1+2
    Mountain Biking, cross-country, love being out doors.
    Rock Collecting, so much can be learnt from the rocks, and some are just cool to look at.
    Rome: Total War
    Star Wars
    Star Treck
    Working, to make money to buy all the things you need in life.
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  1. Ken

    Clan Retirement

    See ya around mate, best of luck to you.
  2. +14c two days ago, today whiteouts and freezing, well sh*t.

  3. Isn't the last billboard beside a bathroom hinting at something there I believe?
  4. Happy B-Day Everyone. This is an excellent place to hang around, great job all.
  5. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving weekend!!!

    1. daredevil


      Happy Thanks giving!

  6. Lots of fun on Beginners today

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Ol Smoke

      Ol Smoke

      Me and Ken went for the most deaths record.

    3. Ken


      Well you went for it, I played how I usually do.

    4. Thundercats
  7. Had some money left on the prepaid card decided to dump it here. $59.57 Receipt #: 47F99419GC290612H Cheers
  8. Had a lovely little 11 kill streak, which is better than my normal 0, and game decides to auto balance me. The game just hates me.
  9. I first messaged you on these forums back in 2012, good to see you back here mate, catch you online sometime.
  10. +6 yesterday, -30 tonight. Everything is closed and canceled, terrible.

    1. Achiyan


      yup, shits crazy man. where did the love go Nature?

    2. yoyo


      nature giving you love by giving you holidays.

    3. Ken


      No mate, I still got to go to work. Heaven forbid they ever give anyone a free day off. I could always use one of my holiday days. But no one will be there tonight so I will just chill and watch youtube.

  11. Well I got 8, shouldn't be to hard to beet.