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TY To the ppl who helped return my laptop


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I just wanted to say thanks to Jose, NoGood and anyone else who helped get my laptop retrieved.


Last month, I left my laptop on a table and came back and found it missing. Thankfully the people who found my laptop, logged into xfire and asked people "who i was" and "where to return it to". I got my laptop in the mail like a weeks later from the security.


So to all the people who helped me out, I just want to say a big thank you =P. Thanks community and sorry for the late reply. I haven't been online in a while (too much skyrim =P)

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I've been hoping to see this thread for a while.. I tried emailing you using info found on your domain, etc.. With no response so I fear no luck.. I'm so glad you sorted it all out though :) Welcome back!

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I asked them to send me your nudes folder for blackmail. I hope you gonna be more active.

They were just nudes of DareDevil. I'm pretty sure everyone's seen them already. ;)


Glad to see you had it returned Onion. Hopefully everything was safe & sound on it (including your nudes folder that was hidden in a folder titled "Nickleback"). Hope to see you around more as well. GL with your studies.

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