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Im hacking you


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So this guy "im hacking you" was playing last night on silent server and I was wondering if names like this could be banned or kicked or renamed etc.


Even sir hacks alot needs to changed his name to something else in my opinion.


What do you guys think?


For some reason it really bothered me.

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Pretty sure its allowed. There is even a guy that uses the n word as his name and he has been allowed to use it... Can't say I like seeing that garbage.

And don't forget other names like cyber hitler, etc, etc. People just make stupid names. Not much harm being done.

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Ya Im Hacking You is me, renamed to it to annoy the people accusing me of hacking. Especially the xx guys ;) Usually don't use such names, but as others said above I've seen much worse, mainly racial names.

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Matt you still playing on Silent and Hc? under what name?


Hmm... Under about 10-15 names last few days, usually change em daily. I play under something Matt/ Matthew 80% of the time, usually with old clan tags I played in , rarely play under Espada#4 anymore. Or sometimes I'll use my real GT. Or if Raider is playing with me we rock our old Imagine tags ][- :yahoo Only person I see playing under matt is the xxmatt guy, not hard to tell the difference between us though. Just started back playing about a week ago.




Mashew stop causing problems! :banned lol


Have to ban you first you Hax0r :P

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