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  1. Only main anything at plat+ level but I main mid, mostly fotm mids and highskill cap mids, favs atm, LB,zed,ori,liss,fizz,yasuo
  2. Any1 got a extra beta key for US?
  3. matthewX

    ET Pro Night

    First off you are quite hard to understand which your odd choice of words, but, I see no idea why FA couldn't get a ETpro server popular once a handful of players start dedicating their playing time to get on that specific server. I could easily populate it myself if it's an ETpro server just by putting the word out to the ETpro scene players since there is no real ETpro pub server anymore like ND80/Snl/ETbox etc. Im also quite sure alot of regular players off of the silent and HC servers would enjoy playing on it also, to a point anyway. As for the noob/newbie thing or not letting less skilled players on the server I disagree with that idea. All FA members fall into that category skill wise but I rather enjoy playing with most of them in the rare occurrence that I play ET anymore. Ntm would be dumb for them to host a server and not be able to play on it themselves due to so called *skill level requirements* as you are somewhat implying.
  4. Happy Birthday matthewX!

  5. Just wanted to see who all still plays league here on the NA side, if any of you do hit me up, I'll be on most of the day til tonight anyway. GT is be11. Can do pub or ranked, prefer ranked though Also add my smurf, GT sickened
  6. Scrubs come play league :)>

  7. I was just wondering what is the admin protocol for high ping players as in when what FA's cut off ping wise on the server.
  8. I'd have to say no to baserace -9000 , it's bad enough having it on silent and it being voted everytime you can vote it. It clears out the server most of the time when it gets voted when I'm playing. It also rly wouldn't fit HC server style of play imo either, and again add Dubrovnik final* to both HC and silent plz. One of the best maps in ET, great fps, choke points, obj control, great shooting, and complete uses of all classes. Though I played I guess it's called desert_baserace and it was much better than the regular version.
  9. Ya this is very annoying issue on HC and silent, ppl seem to have no idea how to play fops these days. I didn't read the tutorial, no point in it for me, but nice work on writing one. I was actually planning on writing one myself on it since it annoys me seeing ppl mis-using fops on the servers. Now if we could just get ppl to read it I was also wondering, on silent FF is off of course, is there anyway to enable FF just on arty and cans? Would help alot imo on dealing with mis-use of the class if ppl had to actually use it right somewhat.
  10. I think it is a problem with xfire itself, I've been having problems with mine all day, it even affected my ET by making me prone then standup then prone over n over until I dc'd from server and exited xfire and reconnected. It let me log in but was extremely slow and laggy and took it quite some time to get past the detecting games part. I run the new xfire though made for gaming tourneys/organizing or as they call it xfire 2.0 not the older version that most ppl still are using atm. I'm an organizer admin for xfire but haven't heard of anything yet as far as bugs or fixes.
  11. Hello by the way are you sinner vixen from back in the day? Maybe I can catch you on Hc or silent. Anyway welcome.
  12. Would b awesome to get Dubrovnik Final on the silent and HC servers http://et.trackbase.net/map/18/
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2igZVV_TFa0 Kraddy- Andriod P
  14. Hi I used to be FA along time ago and i was actually FA scrim team leader for ET side, My name is matthew bell, im about to be 24 in January, I just got engaged about 2 months ago to my lovely girl shelby. Im a mech engineer at mercedes benz plant where I'm from in tuscaloosa, al. Played ET since 2005. I play alot of league of legends these days since s4 is about to start but still play a decent amount of ET. I re-applied back to FA, hopefully my app will be accepted soon. Also could someone set my admin lvl on HC and silent to lvl 4 per maximo. I look forward to playing with you guys and having fun. Feel free to add me on xfire or league. I guess thats about it unless anyone has any questions for me.

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