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  1. take me off inactive list please, I will love you long time

    1. (Snake)


      hey, you will need to start a new topic on the tracker, you can do so here: http://fearless-assassins.com/tracker/project-4-website-forum/

      PS: I love you too! :P

  2. I will get you back... haha hi welcome to the forums
  3. tryn top, kog adc, fizz mid, ww jung, thresh supp are my mains for every position. Or tryn in the jungle. Love tryn haha so strong dualing
  4. I'm everywhere, like a ninja..

  5. Noooob, where are youuuu

  6. still hasn't fixed it, looks like its trying to get maps but it wont even bring up the screen to tell me what files im missing just closes et and takes me to http://fearless-assassin.com/ which is a broken link. edit: must be something with my config :s downloaded a fresh et and joined the server dl'd everything fine so just transfered that to my proper install
  7. Got a new laptop recently and when I go to connect to the silent server it tries to dl some missing files. It redirects me to an fa link but doesn't actually bring up any files. Made sure my allowdownloads was set to 1 and the wwwdownloads I've tried with both 1 and 0 but I can't get the files from the server and cant find them on here anywhere, just wondering if theres a pakage I'm missing for the silent server or if anyone has any suggestions for me to get the ones i need.
  8. Happy Birthday I3lessed!

  9. I still wanna be a spaceman...

    1. MaKy


      If you were Italian you would say Specimen. :P

  10. My baby <3 Whats left of my baby
  11. Happy Birthday I3lessed!

  12. Man I love how Redman tastes, Damn I love my hockey games, Any song sung by George Strait is country at it's best

  13. same here busy, busy, busy with work too

  14. nothing work work work haha you?


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