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friend tragedy


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hi everyone.


i just received news about 10 minutes ago that my best friend James, who is in the army a cav scout like me in a undisclosed location in afghanistan was killed in action. he was 20 and leaves a wife and a son behind. if you can please keep his family and myslef in your prayers and thoughts i would appreciate it. i cant describe to you how hard this is for me weve been best friends for 12 years. so i could ise all the support i can get. thanks for reading this i appreciate it. and everyone, hold on to the ones you love and tell them that. cause you never know when they will be taken away from you.





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I'm sorry to see this man, your friend died a hero protecting the values of our country and adding to the proud legacy our country calls the United States Army. May he rest in peace and his son grow in his image. Thanks to you both for your service, and as an Officer Candidate in the USMC, I hope to join the ranks protecting our country's freedom and values very soon.

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thank you disturbed. i appreciate that and you right. he died a hero and i couldnt be more proud of him. i hope he serves as a reminder to you that we all give some, but some give all, as he will for me. im proud to call you and speed, and anyone else who serves in the military my borther in arms. God bless you man

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