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Monthly W:ET Killer of the month Award NOV 2011


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  • Bots are allowed.
  • Must have a minimum of 50 kills to be eligible.
  • Screenshots must show the final scoreboard at the end of the map with kills and deaths shown.
  • Screenshots must be readable, i.e. not too dark or too small.
  • In case of a KDR tie the winner with the most kills takes victory. (ex. 100-20 wins over 50-10)
  • Server name must be included or the post will be ignored.
  • =F|A= servers only

This topic gets automatically locked on December 1.



Good luck!

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does shotgun on nq counts => bug: you can get +8 kills with 1 kill?


because if it does + bots are allowed you can get Insane kills (at night)

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61/28 on Jay1 - Recruiting XP Save


K/D 33


(I know I'm not as good as you guys, but I'm slowly but surely getting better :))




How is that 33 KD?:P


That is 2.17

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If bots are allowed what sense is of that competition? Bots shouldn't be allowed, cause it's too easy, come on guys think about it.

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