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Hi, I'm LandDragon. I've been playing since 2003 with pauses. My first run was about 2 years long, that includes clan wars, gathers and massive pub playing time. At first I was a great etpro supporter and fan, mainly due to clan wars and such, but then they changed hitboxes, and i just couldn't get so many headshots as i would have liked anymore, before it was like 2-2,5 times kills average at the end of the map. Now its just like 1-1,5x, so i found noquarter, hitboxes suit better for me and gameplay is much more fun due to addons.

Since then i've been on and off, but now i found F|A which i enjoy very much. There are some noobs who help to boost your self esteem before you meet those who actually can aim and give you that really nice battle, taking cover for a half a sec while changing weapons and coming at you smart or surprise buttsex you with a knife. I like that.


IRL i'm 22 years old, studying IT in Tartu University. Live in Estonia, and you may finger yourself if you think we speak Russian here. Although i have a Russian car, Lada/Vaz 2104, which is like from the 80s. Great sentimental value for me. I like FPS's, movies, tv-series, basketball(i'm 1.94m tall) and I enjoy, scratch that I love beer, hate vodka but when it comes to liquor, i love rum /w coke, with plenty of lime, or Cuba Libre if you must, although i like it with twice as much rum(8 cl).


So, anyways, i extremely rarely chat while i'm playing so hello's and hi's in advance... See ya!

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