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I will survive....


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i think i am one of the older players here - i am 37. Yep, that´s old - i know. Now you know, why i call myself Survivor. :-)


What can i tell you more?


I am from Austria


I began playing ET a few years ago, think it´s startet 2004... i´m not shure(before i was playing Wolfenstein also) .


I played most on the bunker and alchemy servers. And now on FA.


Shurly i am not the best player, cause for me it´s just for fun. I take it , like it is...a game. But i am very happy when i see some known players and the remember me to.



I like the FA servers for some good teamplay and interact each other.


So that´s some short infos from me. You see me playing.....




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Heh, I WISH I was only 37, but hey in the game, were all using the same characters, there is no age :) The characters always stay the same, they don't age a day!!! So we can play forever, or as long as we keep on kickin!!! By the way, I am 46 and been playin since Quake3 arena was all the rage. My first PC game, well MAC game was BOOM! and then Duke Nukem. Ahh the mamories...... So welcome, yah young whipper snapper!!!!

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