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Hey! I've been trying to go on =F|A= servers, and the first time i go on, it disconnects for an "unknown" reason. When I reconnect, there is an error and it says my client is providing invalidate user information. Can someone help me?

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Does this happen for all servers? Or only a specific server?


Does this only happen on F|A servers? Or all gaming servers?


Make sure that you're running ET as an administrator. Right click ET.exe, And click Run as administrator, for Vista. Windows 7 should be similar.

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jay4 and jay3 didn't work

i only play on F|A servers\

and it's on administrator.



it works now. I changed my name. I think the name i had before was taken. Thanks anyway!

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go to the file ETconfig ( you find it in folder etmain)

and open it with a text editor (note-pad or any other programme) then delete all text written there then save changes

after that run ur game and you see that it will be runned as the first time u install ET

it will ask you to set a name profile and mouse sens and connextion type and pb enable ..

after u set you name and ur setting connect to the server witch you want to play

if the problem still ( "invalidate user information")

go to the file ETconfig in mod folders ( jay mod/EThub /noquarter ..) and do same

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