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  1. Hey guys, I'm sure some of yall remember me from back in the day. Well, alot has happend. Mostly RL Stuff. Not sure if I should go into much detail since this is suppose to be an introduction. Anyhow, I'm DevilHunter. I like video games... Need I say more? I'm usally not good at this so yea, sorry if its not what your looking for but eh. I know I already have an intro topic here but that was way back in 2011, There it is if you wanna read it Anyhow, Since then, alot has happen. I moved to Alaska recenly, back in 2015, My dad died just before then. Yea.. RL Stuff is rough. But I got a job at Safeway up here. And well, I'm looking to get back into W:ET seeing as its still somewhat active. Just waiting for the money to come in so I can get a real PC. I do stream sometimes on Twitch. I'll put my link in my sig. I hope to play more soon. It's just this laptop I am on right now is pretty bad for gaming. So yea.. that about sums it up. Anything else ya wanna know, just ask me.
  2. So yea.. I know its been a long while since I been here. But RL Stuff and junk got in the way.. Alot has happened. Anyhow, not to make this a post just about me... You can find me on PS4/PS3 as: DevilHunter1337. I play Battlefield 4/3/Hardline, Just Cause 3, Starwars Battlefront, Need for Speed, and Uncharted 1/2/3. There is also a few other games I have... like Warframe, but that game is just odd to me. And it didn't work the first time I had it. Also got Resident Evil Revolutions. Been playing the Raid Mode off and on. Also Destiny. Also, I don't have as much free time as I had before. Work is now in the way. I work 4-12pm Alaska Time Sunday-Thursday. Off Friday and Saturday, then it starts all over again. So yea... EDIT: just wondering. since you all are posting your ps4 names.... Is it cool for me to add ya? If not, it's cool. I just get bored easy since most players online are nearly braindead heh.
  3. Umm.. Yea... dunno whats going on atm.

  4. Well then, its Been awhile.. What did I miss?

  5. DevilHunter

    Bf3 tags

    I think I figured out how.. Had to go to Battlelog.battlefield.com and sign in there, and then go to Edit Profile. But... There is only Enough Space to add "F|A" in there, can't include the == bit.. Will that be ok? EDIT: Ok so it seems even adding F|A is invaild dogtags... I guess I won't be able to add them that way. :/ So.. Just use something like "F-A"? EDIT 2: Ok so I just found the F|A Platoon on Battlelog, but I can't find a way to join on there. My gamertag on PSN is DevilHunter1337, if anyone runs that bit, plz add me
  6. DevilHunter

    Bf3 tags

    I just now got BF3 for ps3.. just wondering how the flip do you add tags? I played a few rounds already, didn't see anyone else wearing clan tags.. least from what i saw.
  7. Bah.. damn this Heat. Wtf is up with the Weather down here?

  8. I would.. if I had the power. The only thing though I hate bout TS3's admin thing is the Permissions. It don't make any sense with the Numbers.. and some permissions are pure trival. but eh.. its better then what it used to be I guess.. Anyhow, I will have ts3 open next time, but will probley have my headset off cuse it does make my ears and head hot.. damn those Ear Cuffs that this Logitech Headset has.
  9. Pretty much whenever I play.. least I check it out on Gametracker first. I used to be on all the time when Vent was still around. TS3 however, tends to lag the game somewhat. I just need a new pc :/
  10. I use it from time to Time, just that I never see anyone else on. Only once or twice a few are on.
  11. Damn those Storms. Bless all those that were affected, and hope for the Best of yall

  12. Gotta Love Jaymod, this being on Jay1. My XP on the Hud rolled over, and well, it landed on this number one night heh. Just look at the PoisonSyr Acrcy.. 1100.0 Epic eh?
  13. Yea well, every time on that map, I see allies either get the Relic, or not able to get tank to the objective where it blows the wall. Even so, it seems like Axis give up after they get bot. I dunno, its a good map, just too many rushers
  14. If anything from my Personal experience, I came from LZ. And from there, they usually Even Teams by Numbers. This may go over bad in most cases, but none the less, Had some pretty good games. However, From the many years I specd.. (usually I was spec 24/7 because of RL stuff, other times, learning how other Admin's do things.), I would have Putteam. where I would just put AFK's to Spec. I would not normally move any player, simply becaue I don't want to be that guy responsible for a player ragequitting because of What I done. But anyhow, I do think F|A does a Great Job at keeping Teams Even. More alert Admin's then on LZ, and they least give everyone a chance, where as on LZ its either Move, or Get put to Spec or Kicked. In all Serious-ness, I see to it that if the Map is going a bit fast, Perhaps 6v8 like Chosen said was a bit much. But eh. As long as its after 5 mins, right? That is the rule. I'm just glad its not a Total Rapefest every map, like it was back in the day.
  15. Just as the title says, People can still get the Relic at any given time. Just now watched one guy get it just after the Anit-Rush expired. Not sure if its a bug, or anything we can do about it. Was just odd to see it happen alot..

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