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I'm Guillermo, but I go by Will or Guille. I'm originally from Argentina but my parents moved here when I was very young. I've lived all over but currently reside in Charlotte, NC. I consider myself a closet gammer but there are very few games that I actually like. ET is kind of an addiction for me wether its actually going for the objective or just seeing how good my kill:death can be. I'm currently a student (jobless - I did work at AE but I hated the managers so I walked out one day) but I still have no idea what I want to end up doing. I'm pretty artistic so it would be cool to one day just concentrate on that. I'm big into music and almost always have something playing in the background. And of course with every college student its always fun to go out and hit the clubs up. So thats just a little taste...

Peace out cub scouts =D

BTW its muh B-Day weekend!

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