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Decrypted 2 Beta 2 - decrypted2_b2.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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Decrypted 2 Beta 2 - decrypted2_b2.pk3 and waypoints

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Download pk3 name: decrypted2_b2.pk3

Map name: decrypted2_b2.bsp
Author(s): dFx






Axis intercepted a transmission and decrypted it. Allies must send it back to their HQ to ensure of operations safety.



version 2_b2 :

_moved command post to improve gameplay

_added a ladder in water system

_mg42 bug fix

_reduced spawntime to 20-20

_fixed missed texture on ventilation system

_moved alled stairs into ofice

_improved graphics of lifter

_changed skybox

_fixed arena file


version 2_a :

_removed old spaw way

_added lifter

_added one canalisation to objective

_added docks way

_moved command post

_allied command post now remove the flag pole

_adapted for 6o6


movie :

_textures bug fixing

_added new textures

_added some wall trim

_added new way to the bridge

_added a pump

_removed vis optimisation for movie


final :

_added some rocks

_light bug fixing

_texture bug fixing

_model miss fixing


beta 2.2 :

_added 1 more axis way to go to the transmitter

_light bug fixing


beta 2.1 :

_added 1 more way to get back to transmitter

_added cameras for objs

_modificated script file

_ladder bug fixing

_light intensity bug fixing


beta 1.2 :

_added a new space in a wall.

_added wire on lights

_added a new sky texture

_added limbo picture

_added loaded picture

_added some green liquid in water

_modificated shaders


beta 1.1 :

_added green liquid

_added barrels

_added lights

_added crates

_added some trickjumps

_added metal trim

_removed glasses

_changed brick wall texture

_changed transmitter limbo's picture

_changed brick wall limbo's picture

_changed documents name

_changed objectives texts

decrypted2_b2 waypoints.rar

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